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Slushy also spelled slushie or the less commonly used slushee:

Slushy is a beverage made of flavored ice and a drink, very similar to granitas but with a more liquid composition. The more commonly used terms are slush, slurpee, frozen beverage or frozen drink. Slushies are either carbonated or non-carbonated and they are available in a variety of flavors ranging from fruits, other flavors and even freezo ice coffee. 

Some fruit slush mixes include Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry, Grape, Raspberry and much more, other slushie flavors are for example Cola, Fireball, Bubblegum and then the very popular Freezo Frappe Flavors that include Coffee Freezo, Hazelnut Freezo, Chocolate Freezo, Cappuccino Freezo and more…

Carbonated Slushies are not in general very popular in the South African market and therefor the non-carbonated versions are sold and distributed by Smart Candy (Pty) Ltd. Concentrated flavour syrups or slush powder mix are mixed with water, these slush mixes are also supplied by Smart Candy and are used in Slush Machines in South Africa.

ChromeCater Slush Machines are non-carbonated slushy machines and make use of a spiral shaped plastic beater to scrape ice crystals off a freezing cylinder integrated into a clear tank (slush barrel). These ChromeCater slushy machines do not require a pressure chamber and as a result are much easier and cheaper to maintain due to their simpler mechanics.

Slush Mixes are manufactured with a complex recipe to achieve the best results, consistancy, flavour by using sugar, water, special ingredients, flavorings stabilizers and more. A certain percentage of sugar has to be present in the solution as the sugar acts as an antifreeze. The Slush Machine stirs and or rotates the slushy mixture at a consistant speed so that the sugar and water molecules bond together but not freezing the water. This way the Chromecater slushie machine makes a soft, wet perfect slush mixture.

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